Sunday, November 21, 2010

한옥 - 상고재 (相婟齋)

'Yeorangjae' (여랑재), as seen in picture above is also 'Sanggojae' (상고재, 相婟齋). Apparently, this Korean traditional house underwent some minor renovation after being used as the filming site for the Korean drama '개인의 취향' (个人取向, Personal Taste). 
Despite the name change, tourists are still able to find their way to 43 북촌로11가길 (in Bukchon). You have to literally queue up to take picture of this house. It is that popular. Unfortunately, the house is out of bound to public. 

A slope in Bukchon next to 'Sanggojae'. There is always a constant stream of tourists in the vicinity searching for 'Sanggojae'. 

To get to 'Sanggojae', exit from Exit 2 of Anguk Station (Line 3). Follow the route marked by the blue line as shown in the above map. 'Sanggojae' is about 800m away from Exit 2. It is situated right on top of a slope.

Not all doors are closed to visitors in Bukchon. Visitors can have a taste of living in a 'Hanok' (한옥, Korean traditional house) in houses that provide homestay services.

Bukhon holds quite a rich variety of small and private museums. This museum above displays a collection of handmade traditional knots.  

Here is another museum in Bukchon. Not too sure what were displayed inside.

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