Saturday, April 28, 2007


Staying in Korean for 24 days, there are definitely more than 15 dishes of Korean food which I have eaten. However, I wasn't really into taking photos of food, so what you see here were as much as what I was willing to capture. Food is so much an indispensable part of daily routine. As such, I think I will have miss out an important part of my study trip if I do not cover something about Korean food. So here it is, pictures only because I am not good at describing how each food tasted. As I was working on this posting, I can feel that Pavlovian Conditioning is slowly taking effect on me. Just thinking and looking at the food makes me salivate.


  1. Gosh! they look so inviting!
    especially the 닭갈비 and 비빔국수 (Is that 막국수?).

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