Monday, April 16, 2007

밤을 먹을래?

Scene like this ajumma selling roasted chestnuts-"bam" (밤-栗子) by the roadside is common in Korea but it was interesting enough for me to take a shot. It was interesting not because I have not seen chestnuts before but rather the way the chestnuts were roasted. In Singapore, chestnuts are roasted in a wok filled with small pebbles. The pebbles are meant to spread the heat evenly so that the chestnuts are roasted evenly. What I saw in Korea was that each chestnut was roasted individually over a stove and de-shelled before selling. In Singapore, the chestnuts are roasted in one big wok and they are sold with the nutshells intact. Regardless of which roasting methods actually give tastier chestnuts, the sight of ajumma roasting each chestnut with care and then de-shelling them just make those chestnuts look so much tastier.

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