Tuesday, April 17, 2007


This video is taken by one those students who is on a 4 months language exchange programme at KHU. I recognised some of the students in the video. We attended the same opening ceremony back at Institute of International Education. I am back since but they are still in Kyunghee. Its nice to see our teacher, Ms Cheon Eun Jeong (천은정), making a cameo appearance in the video. The song they are singing brings back memory of my Korean level 1 lesson at NUS Extension. We were taught the same song as well. It was supposed to be a children song about the different body parts.

머리(head) 어깨(shoulder) 무릎(knee) 발(foot) 무릎 발. . . 머리 어깨 무릎 발 무릎 발. . . A childish song but memorable.

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