Saturday, April 28, 2007

덕수궁에 두번째 갔다

[1st Row] Junghwamun (중화문-中和門). [2nd Row] Seogeodang (석어당-昔御堂). [3rd Row] Desksugung Art Musuem (덕수궁미술관-德壽宮美術館)

I visited Deoksugung (덕수궁-德壽宮) for the second time as part of our study field trip. Deoksugung was not as big and built up as what I would think a palace should be. There were not more than 10 historical buildings in the palace. In term of size, I would probably call it a park. Deoksugung was set in the heart of the Seoul city. Walking in it, didn't give me a sense of going back in time as my view was often a juxtaposition of historical building with modern high-rise buildings in the distant background. If history is not considered, Deoksugung will be less of a palace but more of a park and it is really an exotic park that is worth a visit.

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