Tuesday, April 10, 2007

짜장면 한그릇 추가

This Saturday is "Black Day" in Korea. A day to be "celebrated" with eating of Jjajangmyeon or maybe watching a "Black Day Concert". This concert is a special event organised by Hongik University's Gas Station and is meant for all the "solo" out there (솔로들을 위한 틀별 이벤트) or at least that is what the poster is trying to say. I like the idea of a "Black Day". I don't see it as promoting or celebrating singlehood but rather a day to be happy about your current state of being "love-less". It gives people without someone to love some reason to celebrate. Life needs balance like "Black Day".


  1. Sometimes, it is good to be without love because there will be no fight and no pain.

  2. 저기... 아줌마 짜장면 한그릇 추가. Ajumma, please add another bowl of Jjajangmyeon. Hope you can forget the "fight" and "pain" and have a happy Black Day.

  3. What are you saying in korean language, I dont understand.

    Pink hippo is ph...

  4. I know ph is pinkhippo.

    The sentence that follows is the translation.

  5. hehe no more fight and pain. It is summer holiday now.