Saturday, April 07, 2007

돈까스 먹고 싶어

My lunch in KHU was mostly settled at the student's canteen. The general impression of student's canteen food is that while the price is cheap, the food is not delicious. However, I thought that the food tasted quite alright. Especially the donkatsu set, it was something which I ate most of the times.

That day when the above picture was taken, there were five dishes to choose from. Sometimes there were only three dishes. Quite limited in selection. The dishes shown in the picture are (clockwise, from top left),

버섯된장국 (Mushroom Miso Soup) - 2,000won
쇠고기 볶은밥 (Beef Fried Rice) - 2,300won
돈까스 (Donkatsu) - 2,500won
짬뽕&꼬마김밥 (Assortment and Mini-Gimbap) - 2,000won
설렁탕 (Korean Beef Soup) - 2,500won

My choice was of course donkatsu. While I was paying for the food coupon at the cashier counter, the ajumma was apparently amused at me taking picture of the food display cabinet. She asked smilingly if I was taking a picture of donkatsu. Well, I guess it is important enough to have record of something which I did almost everyday at KHU.

I am puzzled. I have never eaten donkatsu in Singapore before but suddenly within a short span of time, I was eating donkatsu every other day - not just in student's canteen but also at outside foodcourt and restaurant. One of the reason I can think of is probably easy accessibility. I could find donkatsu served almost everywhere in Seoul. There were also specialty eating houses that served just donkatsu. Donkatsu in Korea is not what we know of it in Singapore. By the way, the picture above is not the donkatsu served in the student's canteen. I bought that donkatsu set for 5,500won at Doota Food Court. For double the price I paid at the student's canteen, it got to look and taste much better.

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