Friday, March 23, 2007

잊을 수 없는 Memory

This will be my last posting from Korea. For those things that I have not have the time to write, I will write about them subsequently. Just a short summary about the course. The 3 weeks course at Kyung Hee has brought me a lot of happy memories. In particular, I have made new friends and got to know more good teachers. I also realised that it is much harder to differentiate between Korean, Japanese and Chinese Singaporean than I thought. There were also some regrets but too little to mention. I am definitely going to think fondly about this course for a long time to come. With that, this is Equinox, signing off from Korea ^^


  1. wow.. 3 weeks have really flown by! it seems just like yesterday when u were preparing for yr trip to korea!

    i'm sure u had lots of fun!

  2. 경운씨, 시간이 정말 빨리 지났아요.
    경희대에 간지 얼마 안 됐는데 벌써 신가포르에 왔어요. 참 재미있는 3주일이에요. 나는 경운씨의 한국유학일기를 읽기를 기다릴 게요 :)

  3. 네. 저도 기다려요. :)