Monday, March 05, 2007

너무 춥다

As predicted in the weather forecast, the temperature dropped suddenly on Monday morning to below zero degree Celsius. It was snowing as we walked to the Kyung Hee University. The weather was freezing cold but we were still excited about seeing snow. We arrived at the Institute of International Education about 15 minutes to 10 for course briefing. There were already 2 ladies from the United Kingdom sitting in the room. We were later joined by a Hongkonger of Canadian nationality. The teacher-in-charge subsequently gave us a run-through of our 3-week programme. The programme that was prepared for us is as follow:

Korean Language Class : Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. 9am - 1pm. There is an additional class on Mar 22 (Thursday). Discounting one day each for opening and closing ceremony, there is still about 44 hours of classroom lesson.

Korean Culture Class : Monday and Wednesday. 2pm - 4pm. We shall be learning Korean songs, movies, games and Taekwondo.

Field Trip : Thursday (Mar 8 and 15). 9am - 6pm. We will be visitng Icheon Ceramic Village, Kyung Hee University's Suwon Campus, traditional Korean village, National Museum of Korea and Deoksugung. We will also be watching the performance "Nanta".

The auditorium was almost filled to the brink at the Opening Ceremony.

After the programme brief, we were ushered into the auditorium for the opening ceremony. The ceremony was meant for students taking part in the 3-week and the 16-week Korean language course. There were over hundred of students in the auditorium and without surprise, Japanese formed the largest group.

Director of IIE, Prof Kim Jung Sup, addressing the students.

With the completion of the ceremony, we had our group photo taken before proceeding for the welcome lunch at Myeong Seong Gwan (명성관), courtesy of IIE. The Korean restaurant was located about a street away from the main entrance of KHU.

Myeong Seong Gwan, the Korean restaurant where we have our lunch.

The kimchi and radish were in large chunks and needed to be cut by scissors.

These scissors and tong were used to cut the kimchi and radish.

This tofu is part of the side dishes. Doesn't it look appetising?

My lunch - dolsot bibimpab and soup. Delicious but I couldn't finish it.

My neighbour's lunch but I don't know what it is called

Lunch together with students from Japan and UK at Myeong Seong Gwan.

Our lunch finished with this sweet-tasting cinnamon tea.

We had our campus tour right after the lunch. It was then that the snowing got more intense. Cold wind was blowing and the snow could be seen flying all over us. It was a wonderful feeling for someone like me who have not seen snow before. The tour was a brief one and soon we were back in the auditorium to take our placement test.

Our campus tour began at this banner board in front of Cheong-un Gwan.

At the entrance of the Central Library of KHU during the campus tour.

Inside the Central Library. It was just a look and we were out soon.

Can you see the snow? It was snowing during our campus tour.

The placement test was meant to stream us into appropriate language level to facilitate teaching and learning. The test comprises 25 questions on listening, 40 questions on reading and an oral test. I was not too sure if the test was similar to the one I took a year ago but I did know I could listen and understand the Korean better this time.

During the placement test. The test looks difficult doesn't it?

Before the day ended, we were introduced to our dowoomi (student helper). We are supposed to practice Korean language and culture with our dowoomi. As a guide, dowoomi and us should meet each other for more than 4 hours per week. My dowoomi did not turn up. Instead he sent a representative who passed me his contact information. I will probably contact him sometimes later this week to meet up. It was still snowing when I left the campus at 4:30pm. The snowing might have turned lighter but the weather was still chilly. In the evening, I went for a walk in Apgujeong but found nothing interesting.

Somewhere in Apgujeong but I am not too sure where was I.

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