Sunday, March 11, 2007

간단한 생활

Today, I decided to take a break by not bringing my camera along. So there is not going to be any picture taken by me posted. Mi-anhaeyo. Nevertheless, we were still going places. I bought the "Alone In Love" original sound track in Myeongdong Station for 12,000won (S$20). I think the OST will eventually be sold in Singapore but I cannot wait until then to own it. One of my friends heard so much about Seong Shi Gyeong from Aini that she bought his album No. 5 거리에서 (On the road).

Our main programme of the day was to watch a Korean movie. We settled on watching 1번가의 기적 or Miracle on 1st Street at CQN 영화관 (cinema) located in Myeongdong. Each ticket cost us 7,000won (S$11.50). While waiting for the movie to start at 6:10pm, we went to Iceberry to have green tea yogurt. When the movie started, there was only about ten people inside the cinema probably because the movie was already screened for one month.

Frankly we didn't quite understand the conversation in the movie and there was also no subtitle. However, we were able to grasp the plot and still enjoy the show. The movie attempted to portray the hardship of those people living in the squatter but with a message that life is still capable of miracle when we least expect it. Life was so hard for the movie's heroes and heroines at some point that we felt sorry for their plight. To a certain extent it can be considered a sad movie though it has a fairy-tale ending. The poster was kinda of deceiving. It showed smiling faces but all those characters on the poster were badly beaten up in the show by bully, ruthless property developer or boxing opponent.

After the show, we had our dinner at Myeongdong Gyoja (명동교자) which served very delicious meat dumpling. We chatted for a while after our dinner before making our way back to our dormitory. It was a simple day of life.


  1. So, Theresa bought the CD, huh? Ha Ha...tell her to join the Sung Si Kyung Singapore Fan Club when she returns.

    Have you seen Sung Si Kyung yet? Please send my love to him.

  2. Aniyo, someone else did.

    I tried to stand at the street with a red umbrella but Sung Si Kyung was no where to be found. Sigh...