Tuesday, March 13, 2007

한강의 다리

The Won Hyo Bridge (원효대교) spanning across the Han River.


  1. I can see it!! I can see it!!! It's hanging under the bridge, between 2nd and 3rd pillar!!! I Can see it!! 괴물.........

    Heh heh...sorry...got a bit carried away there. Your photo is so sharp and beautiful, as usual.

    This is with a DiCa right?

  2. Great imagination :D
    But it is not just you. I also kinda of connect Han River with 괴물 after watching "The Host".

    Yes, I took the photo with my DiCa.

  3. heyy nice picture. comment.. it's supposed to be 한강의 '다리' not '교'
    you put 교橋 only when addressing a name of certain bridge. nice try though

  4. thank you for pointing out my mistake.