Monday, December 14, 2009

산다운 페스티벌2

Mario & Park Si Nae

Vocalist: Park Si Nae

Rapper: Mario. Mario spoke a lot because he could speak English well. I like his frank comment about Singapore: It is beautiful but... 'hard'.

Park Si Nae has a good vocal. 인정.

It must have been very hot in those tie and long sleeves. He would soon discover why cool look is not suitable for tropical country.

Mario with sleeves rolled up, shirt unbuttoned and tie off.

All good rapper needs a good vocalist. They are a perfect match.

Lee Ji Su

He is Lee Ji Su but I have not heard of him until the concert.

He is quite appropriately dressed for the warm tropical night.

However, he was still seen perspiring. 많이 더우시죠.

Welding his "love charm" on his young fans.


  1. oh you were there too? haha i was a volunteer at the concert and I was watching the show beside the stage ^^ Saw all the artistes up close! -happy-

  2. yes, i was there ^^
    good for you to be able to watch the concert up close, free and without the need to survive the long and dreadful queue. perhaps you will have more chance to do so in seoul. so look forward to your exchange.

  3. I'm a silent reader of your blog and I've been reading about your experiences in Korea. I just want to say, thank you for your lovely posts! The pictures for Seoul'd Out were lovely too. =) You were at the front?

  4. hello, thank you. yes, i was standing quite near to the stage. i could even see their perspiration. that night was hot, in all sense of the word :)

  5. Cool. I was pretty near the front too, on the right of the stage setup. You must be really up front! You lined up that early? :o

  6. i entered around 7.30. despite that, i still managed to find a place near the front, not by squeezing though. plus i have zoom lens, so they all look kinda close.

  7. Ooh. You were lucky! =) I had to get there pretty early to get near the front. T_T I'm glad that it was an enjoyable night!

  8. i am most lucky when i was in seoul. concerts much better than this are aplenty. the best thing is many concerts are free.

    you can look out for asia song festival in seoul. the concert is free, all you need is to apply for a ticket from kto when the window is open and then go for a tour in seoul during the concert date.

  9. Oh. I didn't know that the asia song festival was free! Wow. That's truly an eye opener. 서울에 가고싶어요!

  10. yes. if you are interested, tickets are usually given out through kto website in jul or aug. you just have to write an e-mail to ask. the concert is usually held in sep. foreigners are normally given vip seats, which means you can seat very near to the stage.

  11. Ooh. It's held every year in Seoul right? I just have to write an email in english? It's school term during that period. T_T

  12. yes, it's every year.

    if not, try watching one of those many concerts at the stadiums in the seoul olympic park during year end. the ticket prices are mostly cheaper than S$85.

  13. Oooh. That's cool. I'll try going for one of the events when I go to korea! =) Thank you!

  14. let me give you more info:

    you can check for concert details at interpark website if you know a bit of korean.

    you can purchase your ticket at a central ticket booth outside the concert venues. the staff can speak little english, so don't worry if you can't speak korean. usually there is still tickets left on concert day.

    to get to the concert venue at seoul olympic park, take metro line 5 to olympic park station and walk into the park. concert venue (stadiums inside the park) is not too far from the station.

    trust me, the atmosphere, the concert concept, stage design, lightings and sounds are way better than anything you see here.

  15. Wow. Thanks a lot! This information would really help. =)) Thank you! Can I direct my questions to you regarding stuff about Korea, in future? =)

  16. sure, but don't be mad if i choose not to answer some of the questions. in case i leave your questions unanswered, you should still have no problem finding your answer in the internet.