Tuesday, March 13, 2007

월요병이 없어

Since I come to Seoul, I have good sleep every night. I fall asleep easily and wake up naturally. Life has never been so normal for a long time. Maybe the cold weather has something to do with my good sleep. It also helps that I live near the school and that the lesson start at 9am. It such a nice feeling going back to school and be a student once again. I look forward to having lesson everyday. I don't suffer from "Monday illness". In fact, I woke up so fresh on Monday morning. On the way to school, I dropped by Isaac for their "Special Toast". The toast came with ham, egg, cheese, shredded cabbage and pickles. It tasted so delicious and energised my day. Life cannot be better than this for me.

After the morning lesson, we had our lunch at the student's canteen before proceeding for our Korean culture class on Korean movie.

My lunch at student's canteen - Shrimp Fried Rice

The movie chosen for the lesson was a romantic comedy "야수와미녀" or "The Beast and the Beauty". From the title, it was not difficult to guess the storyline. Briefly, the movie was a romance between a kind but not so handsome guy and a blind but beautiful lady. However, when the lady gained her sight after an operation, the guy tried to fake excuses to avoid seeing her because he was afraid she would not like him anymore because of his look. The guy wanted to go for a plastic surgery but the doctor said he was courting death as the surgery would be too complicated and risky because there were so many things to correct for his face. In the end, the doctor only agreed to remove his scar. But then again, the surgery was not really successful because he lost his right eyebrow. Poor thing. Anyway, the movie had a fairy-tale ending just like "Beauty and The Beast".

The jazzy "My Romance" - OST of The Beast and the Beauty

That was the second movie, I had watched in two days. Despite a predictable storyline, the movie had so much interesting elements that I enjoyed watching it. It is a pity that not all good Korean movies make their way to the screen in Singapore. I think I shall go to the CD shop to hunt down a few more good Korean movies before leaving for Singapore.

Watching "Beast and the Beauty" during Korean culture class.

After the culture class, we took the subway to Yeouinaru station and had an evening stroll in the Hangang Park. The wind was blowing strongly and the air was chilly. There were very few people in the park. Our walk terminated at 63 Building where we had our dinner at its basement food court. Inside 63 Building, there were a IMAX cinema, a sea world and a skydeck but we visited none. Perhaps it was a good idea to save money for something else

The Han River with the Won Hyo bridge in the background

An Italian Cafe serving gelato by the riverside. Sweet treat.

A snack & drink store same as the one saw in Korean movie "The Host"

63 Building at Yeouido. Currently one of the tallest building in Seoul.

Took our dinner at 63 Square Food Court. Food was expensive.

A stylist cafe found at the ground level of 63 Building


  1. Equinox,

    The picture of 63 building was very well taken.

  2. Tomorrow going to buy toto..iet you know the results on Thursday night. :)

  3. The picture of the Italian cafe has reminded me to ask you whether you are visting Il Mare?