Wednesday, March 21, 2007

정문앞에 만났어

On Tuesday afternoon, I went to Apgujeong again. This time I finally got to the right part of Apgujeong where branded shops, high-class cafes and flagship stores were found. I was definitely out-of-place in Apgujeong. The only thing that attracted me to Apgujeong was the building design, layout and decor. I wasn't disappointed though I would have wished to have more time to roam the streets of Apgujeong. However, we had a gathering with teacher Kim Minjae at 6pm so I only had about 2 hours in Apgujeong before leaving. I took some pictures of the shops at Apgujeong but I thought they didn't really capture the "essence" of Apgujeong.

The evening gathering was a gathering of NEX students studying at Kyung Hee and Sogang and we were all the ex-students of teacher Kim when she was teaching Korean at NUS Extension. Altogether, six of us went to a Korean restaurant which was just a short walk away from the main gate of Kyung Hee. We had "닭한마리" which literally means one chicken. It was some sort of chicken stew that came with a lot of cut potatoes. We were told not to eat the potato as the ajumma would scold anyone who did that. The potato was meant to be left until the end when they would be mashed together with the cooked rice added. The dinner was a treat by teacher Kim. It was a fulfilling dinner and I meant not just the food but also the company.

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