Thursday, March 08, 2007


There was no lesson today. We had our first full-day field trip. The day programme was as follow:

0840: 출발 / Departure
1000-1200 : 이천 도예촌 / Icheon Pottery Village
1220-1300 : 점심식사 / Lunch
1330-1430 : 수원캠퍼스 / Suwon Campus
1500-1630 : 한국민속촌 / Korean Folk Village
1800: 학교 도착 / Arrival

Pottery Making At Icheon Pottery Village

The morning we arrived at Icheon Pottery Village the whole place was covered in white snow. The place was able to retain much of the snow that fell the day before as outdoor temperature in rural area tends to be much lower than that of city area.

The house where our pottery making workshop was conducted.

At the pottery village, we were first given a brief on the art of pottery making. The brief was conducted in Korean so I did not quite understand what the pottery master was saying. I just stared at the pictures projected on the screen and guessed his words. The next thing we did was to paint a mug that was already prepared for us. I didn't see that anyone among us was talented enough to paint a masterpiece out of the mug. The painting session was more of a "warm-up" before we got to do something "serious" like making pottery. After the mug was painted, it would be sent to the furnace. We should receive the finished products before our course ends.

We were painting on a mug that was prepared for us.

Before we proceed with pottery making, food and beverage were served. Mind you, Icheon Pottery Village is a tourist attraction so it is expected that they will take good care of their customers. After a short rest, we started with our pottery making by first rolling and cutting out a base from a block of clay. After that, we applied layer after layer of clay that came in the form of "clay stick".

A closer look at the materials we used to make our pottery ware.

After each layer of clay was laid, we had to spread and filled up the gap in between the layers. When enough layers were applied, the shape of a container appeared and the end-product would be sent into the furnace to complete it. An interesting "reward" of this trip would be that we will get to keep our one-of-its-kind "masterpiece".

We were each creating a pottery ware of different shape and size.

Lunch At Gojumong

We had our lunch at Gojumong (고주몽화로구이) located somewhere in between Icheon and Suwon. The food we ate was grilled pork ribs (돼지갈비). We had to grill the pork ribs ourselves though once in a while the waitress would help us with it. When the waitress was around she would help us cut the pork ribs into smaller pieces and remove the charred portion. The waitress would also help to change the wire gauze on the griller whenever it was charred. After all the effort, the grilled pork tasted sweet and flavourful. The lunch was delicious but we had to have it quick as we were running short of time. It was so rush that not everyone got to eat the cone of ice cream given out as dessert. When I returned to the coach, I heard the coach driver ajeosshi saying, "빨리 시간 없어요" (quickly, there is no time).

Gojumong Flame-Grill restaurant.

Inside Gojumong. One griller was to be shared with four people.

Not too sure if that was meant to be salad but I ate like it was salad.

The side dishes to go along with the grilled pork ribs.

The griller. The wire gauze was changed whenever it was charred.

The pork ribs sizzling on the griller and tempting the empty stomachs.

Visit To Kyung Hee University's Suwon Campus

Our immediate destination after lunch was the Suwon campus of Kyung Hee University. The campus is located in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do province. The main entrance to the Suwon campus was grander than the Seoul campus. Unfortunately, the coach did not stop for us to take pictures. Suwon campus, as compared to Seoul campus, was also much bigger in size. It was so big that students need to queue up for free in-campus shuttle bus service to get around the campus. After alighting from the coach, we were brought directly to the Hye Jung Museum (혜정박물관) located at level four of the Central Library.

Walking up the steps leading to the Central Library.

Who am I and who are you? Think and all answers are within.

A view of the Philosopher's Square.

Inside the University Administration Hall and the Central Library

A whole wall made up of colourful stained glass.

Newspaper reading corner.

This museum is the first in the world that dedicates its effort towards collecting ancient maps. In particular, its interest lies in collecting the ancient maps of Korea. The study of ancient maps, as we were told, will contribute towards recognising the original boundary of the Korean peninsula. The information shown on ancient maps can also play an important role in resolving territorial disputes. We were first shown a coporate video of the museum.

Waiting for the museum director to arrive.

Something interesting came out from the video. The Sea of Japan was actually known as the Sea of Corea in the ancient maps. The sea, east of the Korean peninsula, was only renamed the Sea of Japan after Korea lost its sovereignty to Japan in the early 20th century. It was a stark reminder that things you cannot protect are not for you to keep.

Inside the Hye Jung Museum, a museum of ancient maps.

We were brought for a tour of the museum after watching the video. The tour was conducted in Korean and Japanese so there wasn't much thing that I could understand during the tour. The museum was not big and in about half an hour the tour was completed. As we walked out of the Central Library, it started to snow again. Our next stop was the Korean Folk Village.


  1. wow... u look like u are having lots of fun! :) yr '노래방' 선생님 reminds me of jeon ji hyun!

    and u got to see falling snow!!!!!

  2. The grill pork ribs looks yummy!

    :) yum yum

  3. Hi Jean, it was fun indeed. I enjoyed the snow very much. The snow was so soft that I felt like making ice kacang from it :) Yes, I agree that Ms Kim looks like Jeon Ji Hyun. She reminded me of Jeon Ji Hyun in "My Sassy Girl".

    Hi pinkhippo, the grilled pork ribs were indeed delicious but kinda of oily. Anyway most delicious food is kinda of oily, isn't it.