Wednesday, March 28, 2007

회기역까지 가까워

Train stopping at Hoegi Station.

This is Hoegi station (회기역-回基驛) as seen from the window of my room. Despite living so near to a subway station, I never felt that it was noisy. I slept well every night and woke up fresh in the morning. The cold weather helped me to sleep well. After returning to Singapore, I need my air-con to be on every night before I can fall asleep. I think I need some time to acclimatise back to the tropical heat.


  1. 회기역 was my home station when I lived in Seoul.

  2. Hello Kangmi, how are you? Hoegi station was also my home station. What a coincidence.

    Yesmaru, I don't miss Seoul at all. Besides the city, I miss the rest :(

  3. Equix, you took what a romanic photos just in 회기역, which just make me sick due to the jammed passengers. you are graceful observer.