Saturday, March 31, 2007

홍대 프리마켓

Last Saturday evening while I was walking in the streets outside of Hongik University (홍익대-弘益大學) I came across this flea market inside the Hongdae Park. It was quite a small area. Things sold there were quite unique. A surprise find.

This is the Hongdae Park's Flea Market. I am not too sure if the "Free Market" was written intentionally but things were definitely not free there.
Those canvas shoes look as if they are hand-painted. The big building in the background marks the main entrance of Hongik University. The flea market was the first place I visited after exiting from Hongik Uni campus
The park toilets are situated behind the graffiti-painted wall. You can actually have a good view of the flea market activity by climbing up that slide.

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