Thursday, March 08, 2007


The Korean Folk Village is one tourist attraction that is worth visiting. I really like their attention to details. I was pleasantly surprised to see live animals like cows, chickens and horses raised in the backyard. To be assured that those were not props, the stench of the cow droppings could be smell from afar. There were also real people in traditional costume sitting inside the room of the traditional house peddling wares like baskets and knives. But what left a deep impression in me was that they were able to create that sense of simpleness and tranquility of a traditional folk village. You can find out more information about the place in their official website.

At the main entrance to the Korean Folk Village. It was snowing then.

Farmer is the originator of the world . I guess the banner means that.

Bundle of crops were hanging from the roof to dry.

Entering a courtyard.

The old man was peddling something but I was not sure what it was.

Why do we need fences? House without fences looks more neighbourly.

A well-trodden village road.

A cart full of firewood ready to be towed.

A garden sitting quietly at one end of the village.

Simplicity and harmony with nature are beauty.

The main entrance of the Provincial Government Office.

A magnolia tree about to bloom in the courtyard.

One of the small exits of the Provincial Government Office.

A small stream that ran through the village gave life to it.

A poem carved on a rock. I wish I could read what was written on it.

A waterwheel. Can you see the ice that was formed on the rocks?

Water fowls seen on the stream gave a sense of tranquility.

The water fowls seemed to like attention from people.

Water cascading down the rocks. Wouldn't you like to live in this place?

A view of serenity and tranquility.

Back at the main entrance after sightseeing in the village for 1 hour.

Kyunghee's coach waiting for us at the Korean Folk Village's carpark.

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