Wednesday, December 03, 2008

수확이 많길 바란다

Busan fishery port off Jalgachi Fish Market

A fisherman would always hope to return with a ship loaded with seafood each time he departs the port in his fishing boat. I hope likewise for a good harvest.

I know my harvest, if there is any, is not going to be something quantifiable or tangible. To conventional wisdom, what I am about to do is both a waste of time and money. First, it doesn't serve a worthy purpose. Second, it doesn't lead to something measurable. Third, it doesn't come cheap. My balance sheet is definitely in the red - a sure sign of failure-in-waiting.

There is only a fine line that separates courage and stupidity and only time can tell them apart. But I can't wait for time. I need to depart with only a hope that it will indeed be a good harvest afterall.

At this point, I am reminded of the Korean movie - A Man who was a Superman. I watched this movie while I was half awake on board my red-eye flight to Seoul last time. Although I did not watch it in its entirety, I believe I got the main message it is trying to convey.

All of us have super-human strength but we feel weak because we believe that a "kryptonite" is lodged somewhere in our brain. However, the truth is super-human strength is not superman strength. It is the strength to take that half-step forward when the rest take one step back.

We can all be "superman" if we want but we would rather choose to believe that we are weakened by "kryptonite". Fear is our "kryptonite" and a powerful one. I guess we can all forgive ourselves for wanting to feel safe rather than fearful.


  1. Conventional wisdom are not always the best choices (:

    At least you will be doing something meaningful to you personally

  2. It's true that conventional wisdom is not always right but it's equally true that it is seldom wrong. I did not put it aside when I made my decision. But I have a powerful reason which overturned all the arguments which conventional wisdom could put together. Shall talk about it some time later. ^^

  3. 잘 될거야 정말! 믿음만 갖고 있으면 다 잘 될거야... 그리구 후회만 안 하면 돈도 시간도 아깝지 않다고 생각하니까 걍 걱정 말고 맘 편하게 와~! ^^

  4. 그래, 잘 될거야..걱장하자마셈.나 이뀌너스보니까 잘 할수있을것같아.화이팅. 문제가 있으면 우리랑 얘기해.행운을 빌어요. 아자 아자..

  5. I loved going to 부산, and my friends and I would hang out in 남포동 and 자갈치... 가고싶다!

  6. I pondered for good 5 minutes on your word preference of 'half-step'..

    "It is the strength to take that half-step forward when the rest take one step back"

    -i like this line ^^

  7. Hi Equinox.

    I really admire you for your courage to do what you're doing. I took the path of the conventional wisdom and 'abandoned' Korean Language studies coz the sums just didn't add up.

    Nevertheless, I'm still fascinated with the beauty of Korean language & the Korean culture. Maybe one day, I'll muster just quarter of your courage to step forward too. :)

  8. Well,I have just chanced upon your, the content are so well-written and all the photos which you posted on your blog are so well-taken. I really like this photo which you taken in Busan.

    Just like to say that I also admired your courage in pursuing your dream. Life will be more interesting & fulfilling if you can 'let go' of what you have to pursue your dreams instead of just merely following conventional wisdoms ;)

  9. kaye, adam, lena and reginaw, thanks to you guys ^^

    andy, i like busan as well. seoul has mountains but no sea.

    comet, i didn't know that people will actually pay attention to what i write. oh gosh, i better pay more attention to what i write in future. *stress* >< :)