Saturday, March 10, 2007

온지 일주일 됐어

During Friday lesson, we were taught two new grammars.
The first was the application of (ㄴ/는)다면 and 라면. The other was the usage of (으)며. I just like the way the teachers at IIE explained the grammars. They explained with so much clarity and I actually understood them despite them speaking in Korean. An interesting term which I picked up during class was "월요병" (Monday illness). It is used to describe people who show sign of lethargy or lack of concentration on Monday.

In the evening, we visited Ewha Womans University (이화여대-梨花女大) and shopped at the streets at its vicinity. I shall just let the pictures do the talking.

After exiting from I-dae Station, we walked down this road towards Ewha.

It was a Friday evening and students were streaming out from the university.

You cannot miss this leisure complex located just outside Ewha

Ewha Womans University. The church sitting on the hilltop can be seen from afar. The university can be reached by alighting at I-dae station (이대역) and taking a 5 mins walk.

There was a performance that evening and students were seen pasting posters in front of the church.

Activity posters pasted on a wall inside the university campus

The main gate of the university decorated with colourful boards.

The streets in the vicinity of Ewha-dae are dedicated to selling women apparel and accessories.

Besides Myeongdong and Dongdaemun, streets in the vicinity of Ewha-dae are also an ideal place for shopping.

A stainless steel sculpture in front of the Migliore mall at Sinchon. Saw that outdoor stage behind? Every Migliore mall I came across in Seoul has an outdoor stage for performance and promotion.

Megabox, a multiplex inside Migliore. The interior decor is very stylist.

A stall selling the snack 닭꼬치 or chicken on a skewer. It is very much like chicken satay back in Singapore except that it comes in a much bigger stick. There was no peanut gravy to go with it. Instead we have chilli and mustard sauce squeezed directly onto it. It cost 1,500won ($2.50) per stick.

An automated grilling machine takes away the need to flip the sticks ever so frequently. The chicken on a skewer looked and tasted yummilicious.

Back at I-dae station. This station is so much nicer than most of the other stations in Seoul which tend to look gloomy.

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