Sunday, March 11, 2007

핸드폰 고리 않이야

What is this thing? One clue, it is not exactly a handphone accessory. Second clue, it serves an important function in the daily life of the Seoulites.

If your eyes are keen enough, you should be able to see the T-money logo at the top left corner of the thing. This handphone accessory is also a T-money card (교통카드) or in Singapore context, ezlink card. They no longer sell the card here. instead, T-money card now comes in the form of accessories like handphone accessory, necklace and wrist band. They can be bought at convenience stores like GS25, FamilyMart or Seven-Eleven. I bought my T-money "card" at 5,000won. The price varies depending on the design. I don't think the 5,000won is refundable even if I give up the "card" later. The "card" comes with zero value. I need to top up the value at the convenience store before use.

I saved 100won for every trip that I took on the subway. I probably have to take 50 trips to get my 5,000won worth. Then again, I probably won't be able to reach that as the "card" has a validity period of only 9 months. Anyway, it is so much more convenient to travel with T-money in Seoul plus I get to keep the "card".


  1. please take some ad photos of Sung Si kyung. I so want to see him in your blog....

  2. That was what I am guessing, something similiar to our Ezlink card!

    Bingo!... maybe I should buy toto tommorrow. :)

    Wish me luck. LOL

  3. To Aini, I will try to find some.

    To Pinkhippo, wish you all the luck in your Toto ;)