Friday, March 23, 2007

안녕~ 잘가

Its time to say goodbye although it was never easy. Everyone was presented with their certificate of completion at the closing ceremony. Director Kim of Institute of International Education, in his closing speech, reminded us that we were now considered "the people of Kyung Hee" and part of the Kyung Hee family. To mean what he said, he asked us to repeat "경희인" word-by-word after him.

Because of his recent visit to Singapore, he also took the opportunity to talk about his trip. He mentioned that he was very surprised to know that National University of Singapore has over 8,000 students and that there were over thousands of people in Singapore learning Korean. He then asked us Singapore students whether we would come back to Kyung Hee to study. Of course, we said "yes" obligingly. Frankly, we do meant what we said.

We started with a lunch after the opening ceremony 3 weeks ago and we got to end our course with another lunch. The lunch was the last opportunity for us to take photos before everything was gone. The lunch didn't really taste as good as the lunch after the opening ceremony but I didn't think anyone really care. After the lunch, we had to say our final goodbye and that marked a final end to our 3 weeks course in Kyung Hee.

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