Tuesday, March 06, 2007

수업이 시작했어

The second day of school started with the checking of the placement test results. We were placed together in the Intermediate Level 1 class. Intermediate Level 1 can be considered as level 3 of the IIE's six-level Korean language course for foreigners. Upon knowing our language level and classroom, we went to the bookstore at Cheong-un Gwan (청운관-靑雲館) and paid 35,000won (S$58.50) each for our textbook and workbook.

The building at the back is Cheong-un Gwan.

Our class comprised only Singaporeans and Japaneses and there were 15 of us. The teacher, who took us for the first two hours, was Mr Yun Sang Cheol (윤상철-尹相喆). An interesting teacher who was good at cracking jokes. He spoke fast but in simple Korean words which we could understand. As usual, the first lesson was about introduction. We were made to find out things about our new classmates by asking them five questions each. Subsequently, we made a presentation of one of our classmates. Here was what I have to say about my classmate, Takahashi Mika (高橋美香).

제 옆에 있는 미카 씨를 소개하갰습니다. 미카 씨는 한국 친국 많아서 한국말을 공부해요. 심심할 때는 혼자나 가족이나 친구과 과자를 먹어요. 미카 씨는 가장 좋아하는 계절이 가을이에요. 오늘 점심 때 비빔밥을 먹을 거예요. 이번 주말에 친구하고 같이 술집에 가서 술을 마실 거예요.

The second half of the morning was taken by Ms Jo Seon Gyeong (조선경). She was very conscious of not speaking too fast and kept checking with us if her pace was alright. She explained each word in detail and with clarity. Her lesson covered the first few pages of the textbook. In between her lesson, we, as in the NEX students, were asked to meet up with the Director of Institute of International Education, Professor Kim Jung Sup, for a short tea session. I guess it was sort of a gesture for him to show the importance he placed in establishing the educational linkup with the Singapore universities. He will be meeting our teacher, Ms Ebony Bae in Singapore in the next few days. Probably we will be one of their topics of conversation during mealtime.

Our lesson ended at 10 minutes to 1pm. We had our lunch at the student canteen in Cheong-un Gwan before going back to dormitory to rest and do our homework. We went out for dinner at a Korean restaurant, Eun Seong Kalguksu (은성칼국수) near KHU. Kalguksu is something like "ban-mian" sold in Singapore. The restaurant prided itself for serving 20 years of traditional taste and was highly recommended by teacher Chi for its Kalguksu. However, I ordered Manduguk (만두국 or dumpling soup) instead for 4,000won. The mandu and soup were delicious.

Twenty years of traditional taste - Eun Seong Kalguksu.

My dinner - Manduguk or dumpling soup served in a basin.


  1. Please say Hi to the snow for me. I hope you'll enjoy yourself in the coming weeks.

    Sounds like 3 beautiful weeks ahead....

  2. 저도 같은 교과서를 공부하고 있어요.^^
    많이 배우세요.

  3. Hi Aini, I've said "hi" to the snow for you. See their pictures I have posted :)

    Hi Spicebears, I think I will learn a lot. I am looking forward to class everyday ^^