Thursday, November 19, 2009

사랑이 뭐 길래?

I used to have an American classmate. He was funny. He cracked jokes, did 'silly' (in the funny sense) things which contributed to making our class's atmosphere lively. I believe this has something to do with his social circle; he befriended many Korea's well-known gag men (comedians). He probably has more Korean friends than American friends and among them, the most famous has got to be the Korean singer - 이승철.

While he may come across as a joyous person, his life story will tell you otherwise. He did not love his mother as a child because he hated her for choosing to divorce his father and then leaving him and his siblings in the care of his grandmother to work somewhere else. He related this story of his in his poignant speech, titled "조건 없는 사랑" (unconditional love) during the 12th WKLSCFF held in KHU on May 15 this year.

If you can understand his speech which he had made into a video, you will probably understand why the judges had selected him to be one of the 20 finalists from among 1,100 applicants. The most important point in his speech is perhaps what we would call the greatest love in this world - sacrifice. In the context of his speech, it is the sacrifice which every mother would make for their children. It was only after he understood the sacrifice which his mother made that he rediscovered his love for her. His speech was not just a tribute to his mother or grandmother but to all the mothers whom have made sacrifices without conditions or what he called "조건 없는 사랑".

My classmate's script was great but he forgotten his lines during the contest and was unplaced. We believed he had a good chance to come in top if he could deliver his speech fluently. We knew he had the ability to speak well but he just wasn't himself on the contest day. Despite that, we were still proud of him.

My American classmate delivering his speech on "unconditional love" during the 12th WKLSCFF held in KHU on May 15 this year. You will get to watch the background video behind him in full below.

This video was probably made about 3 weeks before the contest. It is about 3 minutes long because that is a contest's rule. Anyone who exceeds 3 minutes on the contest day would have their mic switched off.

This video was played in the background whilst he made his speech. He need not do this video since I don't think it gave him any additional points. But since it was done, it just only shows how much he feels about what he says. This video is his tribute to all the mothers in the world.


  1. i dont know whey u like to talk about people , why dont u talk about yourself. how good u r in korean...gosh!!

  2. perhaps you have gotten me wrong. perhaps you have made up your mind that i think highly of myself and that i like putting down people so i canlook better. i not hoping to change your mind on that because of previous unhappy incident which was regretable.

    people whom i wrote about are people whom i appreciate. you may beg to differ but i shall leave as it is.

    we have never met face to face so it will not be right to make conclusion about each other. for all the comments that you have made, i know where you are coming from, i don't have hard feeling for you. you have made your points and i respect that.

    if you do visit spore someday, do leave me a mail so that we can meet up. I shall answer your doubts then. i think it is better that way.

  3. Who are u talking about?

  4. sorry for the delay in reply. i was caught up in work for the whole day.

    i am not talking about who, it is about me. it must have been something that i've done which upset you or cause you discomfort. i thought it would be better for me to deliver my apology face to face and over a cup of coffee. by then, you can have your assessment of what kind of a person i am. i have no intention to hide behind my blog when there is wrong that needs to be fixed. i take full responsibility for what i wrote.

    if you like to meet up, do leave me a mail. i promise i won't run away and the treat is on me. i am not trying to win you over. it is a small gesture from me.

    in case you are guessing why i removed my post on the speech contest, you were right to say that i am in no position to comment about others and i am in agreement with you. i am embarassed by my action. Regardless of whether it is out of good or bad intention, it is not a good thing to comment about people, especially about people whom i don't personally know.

    have a good night.

  5. i would like to say sorry if my words hurt you too. May you write more encouraging words for the people that are learning korean. As for the treat, i dont think it is necessary. thanks. have a good day.

  6. No, not at all. I am glad the misunderstanding between us has been resolved. Nevertheless, the treat offer remains. If we can look back and laugh about what has happened over a cup of coffee, it would be great.

    You are right to point out that I do not have much encouraging words for people learning Korean because I find it hard myself. All said, I will make amend for that before i quit regular blogging by the end of this year. I think it is about time for me to move on.

  7. good luck for ur further then.

  8. This is sad news to hear that you plan to quit blogging. I hope your mind is not yet all set. There will be people missing your thoughts.

  9. @Anonymous 1, thank you, you too. i know who you are, so whatever i wrote, i know who i was writing to. i think highly of your korean whether it is before or now. what's more important, you have passion for the language.

    @Anonymous 2, i shall have an answer for you in a later post. the truth is, people will continue with their life with or without me blogging. they are also many people out there who write better blog than me. so, i don't really think people will miss me.

  10. dear equinox, i will not try to convince you as you are determined. there's at least one post which made a difference for me this year, it happened to be ranked #1 on google at that time. thank you and good luck.

  11. its nice to hear that. thank you ^^