Friday, March 23, 2007

가고 싶지 않아

Weather was getting warmer these days. It was raining a little on Wednesday morning and I did not bother taking out my umbrella. My morning mostly began with a stop by the Isaac Toast for a "special toast". The ajumma knew me so well that I did not even need to tell her my order and she would say "special toast?" - 네.

We finally received the pottery we made during our field trip to Icheon. My "masterpiece" turned out better than I thought. I am thinking now of what I should use it for. Perhaps I shall use it as a flower vase or pen holder. Or maybe use it to grow beansprout. Whatever it may be, it is a nice present to keep as memory for the course.

On Wednesday, I had two meal appointments. One was lunch with our teacher Ms Cheon to repay her hospitality and the other was dinner with my previous dowoomi. We knew that Ms Cheon like Italian food so went to Della Pasta. This was our first pizza and pasta meal since we arrived in Korea although there were many of such Italian restaurants around.

I did not contact my previous dowoomi when I came to Kyung Hee. However, we met on the street last week accidentally and she questioned me why I didn't contact her. I was at a loss of word. Well, there will always be people who you will bend to meet and there are people who you will never get to meet. Since we have met so I called her out for a dinner. During the dinner, I found out she had taken a break from her final-year study. She was preparing to go Tokyo to study Japanese language for one year under FM scholarship. As it is known in Korea, FM scholarship means scholarship given by Father and Mother. What a lucky girl she is.

Talking about dowoomi, I didn't get to meet my new dowoomi for this course. He was currently taking a study break to do his national service. I tried to arrange to meet him twice but he was not free on both occasions. He suggested to meet this Sunday night. All I can say is "안녕히 계세요" as I will be leaving Korea on Sunday afternoon flight. Well, there maybe some truth when some people say that old is sometimes better than new.

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