Tuesday, March 27, 2007

한국의 디저트

What will I do when the weather is cold? I will go for "Bingsu" (빙수-氷水). Sound strange but that was what I did exactly.

Tower Bingsu from Iceberry

Tower Bingsu (타워빙수) from Iceberry. The "tower" is made up of four layers. Top layer is green tea-flavour shaved ice. Second layer is cream. Third layer is raspberry-flavour shaved ice and the bottom layer, strawberry-flavour. Frankly, it didn't taste as good as its look.

Yogurt Bingsu for 4 person from Lovice

Yogurt Bingsu for 4 persons from Lovice. To eat this dessert the local way, we were supposed to mix the yogurt, shaved ice and fruits thoroughly. I was quite reluctant to do so though as it "destroyed" the nice-looking bingsu. For reason I do not know, bingsu is always served with bread or bun in Korea.

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