Sunday, March 04, 2007

잘 도착했어

I have arrived in Seoul well and safe on March 2, Friday. The plane was delayed for 2 hours from taking off in Singapore due to some electrical fault. It was almost 1:45am (Singapore Time) when it took off. The plane arrived at the Incheon International Airport six hours later. It was raining heavily and and there was no aerobridge to connect. We have to brave the rain and make our way down the steps into a waiting bus. When we finally boarded the limousine bus 602 (8000 won) bound for Cheongnyangni, it was already 9:45am (Korea time).

It was raining in Seoul and traffic was slow.

The bus ride took 2 hours. When we alighted at Cheongnyangni it was still raining. Lugging our luggage, we flagged down a taxi to Osvill dormitory in the rain. The taxi ride took 5 minutes and cost 2,200 won. By the time we left the dormitory for Kyung Hee University, it was 12:30pm. We had our lunch at the student canteen and the the Donkatsu meal (pork cutlet) cost me 2,400 won. After that, we made our way to Institute of International Education to made payment for the dormitory fee. A single room and 3-week stay at Osvill cost 550,000 won. No meal is provided though. I paid an additional 100,000 won as deposit which can be redeemed on the last day of course.

An Isaac Toast outlet found near Osvill. A favourite stop for my breakfast.

Thinking that there was a placement test at 2pm, we went around asking the staff at IIE on the test location. We met teacher Kim Minjae along the way. When we asked her about the test she said she was still "confused" because it was her first day at work after returning. Anyway, she assisted us to confirm that our placement test is at 10am next Monday. With nothing else to do, I went back to the dormitory to rest. I was supposed to meet up with the rest to go Yongsan to buy electronics dictionary at 6pm but overslept. When I woke up it was already 8pm. I think I must be really tired.

I saw these 2 umbrellas while looking out the window from Loveice

It was still raining when I went out for dinner. I had mushroom and oyster porridge for 8,000 won at "Bonjuk" - a traditional Korean porridge chain. It was expensive for me considering that I left the oysters in the porridge untouched. It was dessert time after dinner. I had yogurt fruit at "Lovice" located just above "Bonjuk" at the second level. The yogurt set me back by 4,500 won. Eating the yogurt while looking out onto the street was not too bad a way to end a gloomy and tiring day. For the first day, the bill came up to 25,100 won (S$42), less dormitory fee and deposit. I am starting to feel what is it to be like living in the most expensive city in Asia.

Yogurt and shaved ice with strawberry, kiwi, banana and pineapple.


  1. It is good to know that every thing is well for you and "the team". Please order ham sandwich and say hello to 아저씨 and 아줌마 from Isaac on my behalf.

  2. wow.. the little prince umbrella is so cute! i want one too!! :D hehe. but i guess i'll get lotsa stares in SG if i ever use one. ;)

    the yogurt looks lovely! 맜있어요?

  3. 서울에 도착해서 기분이 좋죠? 그런데 서울이 아주 비싼 도시라고 생각해요.

  4. The yogurt looks yummy ...


  5. To Yesmaru, I say hello on your behalf but they asked Yesmaru 누구예요? ;)

    To Jean and Pinkhippo, the yogurt definitely looks yummy. But to pay S$7.50 for one ... well ... I wish the price can be just as "yummy".

    To Spicebears, 나는 기분이 좋지만 물건 가격이 안 좋네요 ><