Tuesday, March 13, 2007

오늘 그냥 그래요

During class today, we are shown a short video about the science behind the invention of Hangeul. From the video, I learn that the Hangeul is actually shape outline of the mouth, tongue, teeth and larynx when a sound is produced. If I remember correctly, for example "ㄴ" and "ㄱ" are shaped after the tongue. "ㅁ", "ㅂ" and "ㅍ" are shaped after the mouth. "ㅅ", "ㅈ" and "ㅊ" are shaped after the teeth while "ㅇ" and "ㅎ" are shaped after the larynx. Ms Jo also taught us an interesting phrase "맥주병" or beer bottle today. "맥주병" is used to describe people who cannot swim to save their life. For these people, they are like a beer bottle. If you can imagine, when a beer bottle is thrown into the water, it will take in water and bloop bloop bloop ... sinks to the bottom.

After lesson today, we met up with our IIE teacher, MS Cheon Eun Jeong, for lunch. We had a heavy lunch. To burn off the extra calories, we decided to go to Cheonggyecheon for an afternoon walk. To get there, we took the subway from Hoegi to Jonggak Station. We planned to start walking down the heritage stream from its origin until Dongdaemun. But before we did that, we made a stop at the Korean Tourism Organisation's building near Jonggak Station. The tourist information counter was located at the basement of the building. After we collected some brochures and have fun with the actual-size cut-out of Korean stars, we exited the building and spent the next hour walking down Cheonggyecheon. We ended our afternoon walk at the Dongdaemum Station, that was where we took the subway back to Hoegi Station.

Korea's tourism depends a lot on the Korean Wave or "Hallyu".

Korean drama like "Jewel in the Palace" is the source of Korean Wave.

Actual-size cut-out of popular Korean stars.

Korea tourism promotion tagline is now "Korea Sparkling".

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