Monday, March 26, 2007

슬픈 이별

I am finally back in Singapore and to reality. If leaving KHU was not sad enough perhaps the two movies I watched on the return flight did it. The "Holy Father" (원탁의 천사), a sad Korean movie, has a father who passed away but whose soul chose to return to be the friend of his son only to leave him again when he finally earned the respect and love of his son. The Japanese movie "Tears for You" or "Nada Sou Sou" (涙そうそう) was equally sad with a caring and responsible orphan who worked so hard to the detriment of his health in the hope of bringing a better life to his step-sister. Similar to both movies, the point of departure was the most heart-wrenching moment. If at every departure, the love goes with it, then life will be lesser of a pain. But most often than not, love stays and the pain continues. How then to stop those tears from coming out? Perhaps I should try pinching my nose like what Yota's mother taught him in Nada Sou Sou.

[Left] Holy Daddy, 원탁의 천사 and [Right] Tears for You, 涙そうそう

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