Monday, March 19, 2007

"금요병" 있어요

Strangely, many people were feeling sleepy during class on Friday. This "symptom" was only expected on Monday but it turned out that we were rather awake on Monday but tired on Friday. Perhaps, it had something to do with the homework we needed to submit on Friday morning. We were given 13 pages of homework to complete over 2 days. But I didn't think anyone actually did their homework on Wednesday night. I didn't definitely. So I guessed most of us worked late into the night to get our homework done.

Sogang University

There was no programme on Friday afternoon. So we went for sightseeing in Seoul. The first stop was Sogang University. It was my idea to visit the place. I just wanted to know what I had missed by not going to Sogang for the 10 weeks course. Frankly, after the visit, I was contented to continue my study in Kyung Hee. Sogang University campus was not as nice as Kyung Hee and I preferred the streets in Hoegi than those in Sinchon. Perhaps, my preference is very much influenced by familiarity. I am not too sure if I will feel the same if Sogang is the first campus I study in.

Gwangjang Bazaar

We passed by Gwangjang Bazaar while walking along the street from Jonggak to Dongdaemun. The bazaar is located just beside Jongno 5-ga station at Exit no 7. There are many food stalls in the bazaar where the ajummas will cook the food you order in front of you. In particular, there are many stalls selling Pajeon or the Korean "pizza" as some people would call it. The Pajeons are literally selling like hot cakes. Koreans usually eat pajeon while drinking beer. During our visit to the place, it was crowded with hungry crowd taking their dinner. That is probably one place tourist bus won't bring tourists to. I think we are getting bolder with our increased knowledge of Korean language. While still very basic, the little knowledge gives us the courage to move around Seoul without much inhibition or fear.

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