Friday, March 23, 2007

마지막 수업

On Thursday, we have our last day of lesson as well as a class gathering. The meeting time for gathering was 6pm and the venue was the main gate of Kyung Hee. The main gate is almost like a default meeting place for Kyung Hee students. Every evening there would many students waiting for one another at the gate.

It was hard to write my feeling about the gathering especially when there were so many. The gathering might perhaps be the last time I would meet my class partner, Mika. She would be leaving for Japan before the closing ceremony to prepare for her graduation ceremony on Saturday. I remember the first time we met was during the group photo-taking session after the opening ceremony. She was standing beside me complaining about the cold weather. Indeed the weather was very cold that day. It was snowing while our group photo was taken.

All the teachers who took us for the lessons and the field trips were also present at the gathering. It really showed the closeness in relationship between the teachers and students. The "cool-looking" guy (the man with his hand holding his chin) in the photo above was our teacher Yun Sang Chul. He took us for lesson everyday. I cannot think of other better descriptions of him except "멋있어요" and "잘 생긴 남자". He just got extra "high" when people described him that way. There was one thing he said during class that kinda caught on me. He was describing his trip to Argentina. As he was travelling in Argentina, he saw so many horses and cows along the way and it was like "말,말,말,소,소,소,말,말,말,소,소,소" (말-horse, pronounced as "mal" and 소-cow, pronounced as "so"). Guess what? From then on, when my Singapore friends asked me "so?" as in "so, what's next?" I would go "소,소,소,말,말,말,소,소,소" before answering them. I am so childish.

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