Friday, May 14, 2010


귀항 (歸航), Returning to Port

December 2008, I quitted my well-paying job to afford myself a chance to listen to my heart. The trade-off was not insignificant but my mind was long made and I was prepared to pay the price and face the uncertainties. It was definitely an impetuous decision but there was no other way I could have gained control of my fortune if I had moved cautiously. Time waits for no man, looking back was not an option. I knew I have to go and so I went.

September 2009. I returned but to a different 'world'. My life was reset. I could no longer afford to drive a car. I dare not switch on the air-con on a warm night to avoid high electricity bill. The loss of creature comfort was not something I had not expected. I am perfectly fine with my new life except that I was losing sleep over my uncertain future.

Recently, I had a rare conversation with my dad. I am not a person who will divulge my worries but somehow I could not hold back anymore.

"Dad, if my business fails, we may well lose our house. If thing continues the way it is now, I will not be able to pay for the monthly instalment once my savings are depleted in a few years time."

"I was in a worse shape than you now. Take it from me, things will straighten out once you get there. Whether you think your future is bright or bleak, you are both correct. So it is better for you to be optimistic. Things will definitely get better if you stay optimistic."

The reassurance from my dad was a much-needed shot in the arm for my otherwise languishing spirit. I have thought it over; I may not be out of the wood yet but nothing is stopping me from feeling optimistic. While the future may be abound with uncertainties, it also offers many possibilities. I shall stay optimistic and hopeful. If thing doesn't turn out well eventually, I will not have any regret because I chose this path, because at least I have attempted.

잘 돌아왔습니다!


  1. You have done well so far. You chose to follow your dreams and you will have no regrets when you leave this earth. That is how we should live. Follow your dreams before it is too late but not many have the guts to do it like you. Sad to say that I am one of them. Will always wish you the best. God will make a way for you.

  2. Path open for anyone who seeks it.
    There is no one best course for everyone.
    Any route you choose, there will always be a trade-off. Being contented is a sure way to happiness.

  3. 힘 내세요! ^^ 화이팅!!! ^^

  4. 고맙고, 모두 다 잘 될거야.
    난 날 믿거든.

  5. I'm wondering if i had not seek hard enough to see the open path..yet

    Good luck in your future undertaking :)


  6. There is no guarantee for stability, and the tradeoff between safety and freedom is very difficult. Greeting from Europe, where this is an issue in many ways.

  7. @comet, thanks

    @anon, you are right. there is a price for everything and that's why freedom is not free.

  8. Equinox ^^

    Don't give up....Pls stay optimistic and work hard towards your goal.

    You are arguably the bravest girl that I've ever met. You are willing to give up your comfort zone in order to pursue your dreams. I hope someday I can be like you too ^o^

    Take care and cheers


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  10. Hi Nora and Anon, thanks for the encouragement.