Sunday, August 24, 2008

얼굴이 안 보인 사진

Combined group photo, Summer 2008. Click to enlarge.

We were each given this 8R-size photo at the end of our course. There are about 600-700 people in this photo because we took it together with students attending the regular language course. With so many people coming together, each individual's face looks almost like a dot.


  1. Impressive! How many people!!!

    Maybe it's rude but i have a question for you. My sister is trying to learn Korean but there aren't many korean books availables here in Spain. I found this

    i would like to ask you if you know some of the books and if you could recommend some because she is trying the hard way: self-study.


  2. pelochos, perhaps she can try the sogang textbooks because they are much easier to read. i notice the website is selling books at twice the price. that's really expensive.

    jean, that's a difficult question to ask. ok... let's see. 3rd front column from left, you are doing the "saranghae" with your friend. 맞지!

  3. Thank you for your reply!

    It's very hard to find websites that sells korean books in with an english website interface. I found some korean websites but i cannot understand. Also i search in Amazon but there aren't many reviews about the books and i don't know how to choose.

    I live in a small city and in Spain is near impossible to find a korean school or a teacher in order to get a start point to advance from there by self-study method. That's the reason i want to find a good book for her.

  4. Hi!!
    I checked that the Sogang book ( written in Korean. Doesn't have explanations in English?

  5. Frankly, I have not seen most of the textbooks in hanbooks. If I am in Seoul now, I probably can travel down to the bookstore and look through some of these books before I comment.

    I have not done much self-study before so I am afraid I couldn't provide good advice on that. Some friend told me that internet provides a lot of ready materials for self study so there is no need to buy book.