Monday, July 13, 2009

물 맑은 양평

When I look at the satellite image of 두물머리 in Daum Map, it looks impressive and it just makes me want to see it for myself. 두물머리 is at the tip of an island. The two rivers that meet at 두물머리 are the North (북한강, 北漢江) and South Han River (남한강, 南漢江). I was first introduced to this place by my teacher who praised the place for its natural beauty.

Getting to 두물머리 is quite straightforward. I took the Guksu Station (국수역, 菊水驛)-bound Jungang Line and alighted at Yangsu Station (양수역, 兩水驛). 두물머리 is about 2.8km away from the station. While finding my way there, I discovered Semiwon (세미원, 洗美園). The name "세미원" is derived from an old sayings "관수세심, 관화미심" (觀水洗心 觀花美心) which means viewing water cleanses the mind while viewing flowers beautifies it. In the case of Semiwon, the water to view is the South Han River while the flower to see is the lotus. Admission ticket costs 3,000won but can be used to redeem for organic agricultural products at the end of visit.

The sign which leads me to Semiwon - about 600m away from Yansu Station.

The "taegeuk" gate which leads to the garden.

One of the several water features in the garden.

Wild flowers grow freely in the garden.

One of the main features of Semiwon - the lotus flower.

Different varieties of lotus are grown in different ponds.

There are many lotus ponds in the garden.

I have probably seen a life-time worth of lotus in Semiwon.

A dragonfly resting on a lotus flower bud.

Boards with poetry are set up around the garden to give it a poetic touch.

Walking to 두물머리 from Semiwon didn't seem that far. But it was not as if I had a choice. There was no bus to the place and so I had to walk. Along the way, there are a few lotus ponds which are free for viewing and around them are several eating outlets which serve food and beverages that include lotus as one of the ingredients. I was looking for lotus-leaf rice but they don't sell that though.

Anyway, the view at 두물머리 is worth the long walk. The 'landmark' of 두물머리 is an old tree - an irreplaceable part of 두물머리's scenery. The tree is an heritage tree and is protected. Public are not allowed to go close to it. But that is not something which is very important, after all people are there for the scenery formed by the river and distant mountains. In a good day, the sky will also form part of the beautiful landscape surrounding 두물머리.

The landmark of 두물머리 - a magnificent-looking old tree standing guard at a point where 2 rivers meet.

River water and distant mountains.

A view that 'beautifies' my mind.

A view that 'cleanses' my mind.

That's all for my trip to Yangpyeong. The world dirtiest festival and Korea's top festival for foreigners - Boryong Mud Festival is coming up next after the break ^^


  1. I must say this again,you are a wonderful photographer. When you return, please open a gallery of all your KOrean Journey photos...

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  5. I will consider your suggestion. haha~
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  6. Of course KTO will sponsor you. If you need support to arrange for the gallery, make calls me. I am always free in the mornings.

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