Sunday, December 14, 2008

쁘띠프랑스에 갔다왔다

I went to Petite France today. A very nice and beautiful place located at a remote corner of Gapyeong (가평,加平) and by the side of a river. Not going to write about the trip yet, as I have tomorrow's placement test to prepare. Here are just some photographs. Shall update on the trip tomorrow or when I have time. I think there is a lot to write about and a lot of photos to upload ^^


  1. 와.. 정말 아름다워요. 사진 보고 싶어요. ^^

  2. can't wait to look at your write-up and the photos u took :)
    i will definitely go to this place during my next visit to korea :D

  3. shanna, please wait patiently, you should see them soon ^^

    milkyway, it is a place worth going. lotsa of photo-taking opportunities. should go on a weekday when there is lesser crowd.