Friday, July 31, 2009


The Han Style's forum was held at the 국회의원회관 (國會議員會館). As there is a lot to write about, I am splitting this event into a few posts.

Before the forum starts, we were treated to a performance which showcased traditional and modern Korean music. B-boys crew from "The Ballerina who Loves a B-Boy" represented Korean modern music while Samulnori represented the traditional side.

Inside the auditorium of 국회의원회관

B-boys crew from "The Ballerina who Loves a B-Boy"

The B-boys wore overall with calligraphy strokes painted all over.

The Samulnori group was no less interesting than the B-boys.

The Samulnori group was equally capable of acrobatic stunts like the B-boys.

Korean 'Er-hu'performance. The only 'rose' among the 'thorns'.

A 'bibimbap-style' (fusion) performance with Samulnori sharing the same stage with B-boys.


  1. Came across your blog by chance recently, Equinox. And in many ways, I'm glad that I did. I found that I could relate to many of your blog entries. I'm touched by many of your blog entries, because I had the same thoughts as well when I'm learning Japanese. Many uncertainties, yet still wanting to learn more. Indeed, learning another language has opened more roads for us (for myself, I've become more confident). Reading your blogs inspired me, what I really want to say is, all the best, even if what there's little hope, we should still do our best for every day that we live!