Friday, July 10, 2009

연잎 우산으로 써 본적이 있는가?

There are many lotus ponds in Yangpyeong. When I was walking among them, the child in me was suddenly awakened. "Perhaps I could pluck one of the bigger lotus leaves and use as it as an umbrella when it rains, just like Totoro", I thought. Of course, that was a naive thought. But yet naivety, by itself, is free from worldly constraints and there lies its beauty. Although in real life, I won't be holding a lotus leaf when it rains, especially during the monsoon season when the downpour is heavy, I will like to walk by a lotus pond after the rain has ceased. Lotus leaves look refreshing after rain as all impurities on their surface are washed away by the rain water.

Rainwater beads on a lotus leaf

Reflection of monsoon rain clouds on the water surface of a lotus pond.

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