Monday, July 27, 2009

발전과 자연의 '갈등'

Which kind of river do you like? A developed or an undeveloped river? The choice is not as easy as its seem.

My lesson today was on the '4-River Restoration Project' (4대강공사).

What I learned about this controversial project was, it is estimated to cost 22.2 trillion won and to be completed in 2011. The project cost almost doubles the 13 trillion won projected for the doomed Grand Canal Project to connect Han River to Nakdong River.

As great as the scale of construction, the destruction of nature will also be phenomenal. When development and conservation cannot go hand in hand, conflict is bound to arise. This project is definitely causing more than just a few 'ripples'.

A developed Han River

An undeveloped Han River


  1. Hmm...judging from your photos, I would chose the peaceful, quiet undeveloped one - ONLY if my husband is with me - coz it looks kinda ...umm....secluded....

  2. the 2nd pic is meant to portray a river in its natural state.

    words like 'quiet' and 'secluded' aren't what I have in mind --"

  3. Hey, I like your photos.
    They are so beautifully taken.