Tuesday, July 28, 2009

먹음직스러운 한식

From the opulent-looking silverware to the attention given to food arrangement, the Korean dishes shown below are good enough to fill the tables of a royal feast.

I don't have a deep pocket so I can only take pictures of them. The dishes were exhibited at a forum on 'Han Style' held at the National Assembly.

More about the forum coming soon.

장어구이 (Yongsusan-style Grilled Freshwater Eel)

전복요리 (Pan-fried Abalone)

구절판 (Platter of Nine Delicacies)

신선로(Royal Hot-pot)

육회 (Sliced Raw Beef)

자연송이구이 (Grilled Pine Mushrooms)

대하요리 (Giant Prawn)

떡갈비 (Grilled Short Rib Meat Patties)

전유화 (Seasonal Assorted Pan-fried Dish)

개성채나물과 청포묵무침 (Kaesung-style Mung Bean Noodles with Vegetables)

조개탕 (Clam Hot-pot)

해물냉채 (Vermicelli with Vegetables and Seafoods)

흑임자 두부와 신선한 야채 (Black Sesame Tofu with Fresh Salad)

보쌈김치 (Kaeung-style Wrapped Kimchi with various fillings)

I don't have the actual name for the following three dishes so I am 'making' a name for each of them.

Ginseng Porridge

Stuffed Cucumber

'Mul' (Water) Kimchi


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