Sunday, July 19, 2009


The monsoon rain took a 'rest' today so I went out before I start to get 'mouldy'. I spent my afternoon at Hollys Coffee somewhere in Seodaemun.

An Ice-blended Caramel Hollycino to beat the heat.

I am going for my field trip to Nami Island on Tuesday. Let's hope that the monsoon rain can also take a 'rest' on Tuesday.

I saw this movie poster of "Haeundae" outside the cafe. The movie is going to open this coming Thursday. The only thing that can go wrong with this movie is its plot. It is difficult to rise above cliched plot especially when disaster movie is concern. I don't wish to see "Haeundae" sinks below the 'tsunami' it created. After all, this is Korea's first attempt on making disaster movie. I am looking forward to Thursday to see if an imminent 'disaster' can be averted.

A disaster movie is quite likely to turn out a 'disaster' itself. Let's hope Haeundae doesn't disappoint.

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