Wednesday, July 15, 2009

복날이 시작돼도...

Yesterday was "초복", the first day of "삼복더위" (the hottest month of Summer). However, "초복" was anything but hot. Today weather was similar. In fact, it feels like early Autumn now. The weather pattern has been quite irregular this year. Winter feels like Spring, Spring like Summer and now Summer feels like Autumn. I suspect that this "삼복더위" is going to be quite 'cooling'.

It is monsoon season now but it doesn't rain everyday like previous years. Yesterday and today was clear though there was heavy downpours last Sunday which left many areas submerged in flood. 잠수교('Submerged' Bridge), the lower tier of the 2-tier Banpo Bridge, matched up to its name when it went under flood water. News these days are abound with reports on damages caused by heavy rainfall and flood. I didn't feel that it was raining a lot but the fact remains, rainfall this summer is breaking new record in recent history.

It is a custom to eat 삼계탕 (ginseng chicken soup) on 초복, 중복 and 말복 for health purpose. I miss out on eating 삼계탕 yesterday so I am only left with two more chances this summer. Anyway, there are other 'cold' food which I ate to cool me down.

Cold Kong Guksu (냉 콩국수). It tastes like noodle in soyabean milk minus the syrup. The noodle is delicious though the soup is a bit 'tasteless' in my opinion. The kimchi that comes with the noodle was more tasty.

Snowflakes Bingsu (눈꽃빙수). In fact bingsu is more expensive than ice cream here. But for this Summer, I shall switch my favourite dessert to bingsu temporarily .


  1. 나도 삼계탕 못먹었어요
    마르타는 먹었대요~~~
    난 콩국수 좋아하는데..
    외국인들은 그 맛이 싫은가봐요~
    눈꽃빙수 파는곳..거긴데..캔모아~

    original time stamp: 16 July 2009 10:24

  2. 캔모아가 아니라 Coffee N Coffee인데요.

    original time stamp: 16 July 2009 23:40

  3. 아 커피앤커피에도 눈꽃빙수팔아요?
    ㅋㅋ 틀렸군..

    original time stamp: 17 July 2009 08:14