Tuesday, July 21, 2009

여름의 남이섬

The number one scenery in Nami Island - the Metasequioa Lane.

I went to Nami Island today for my field trip. Similar to Winter School, Summer School's field trip is only one day long. By far, Spring Semester's trip was the best. I had a 2 days 1 night trip to Ganghwa Island was provided with four meals and one night stay in hotel. In comparison, only one lunch was provided for this field trip. My advice to people who want to get their money worth, apply for Spring or Autumn Semester's course only.

Frankly, I wasn't looking forward to this field trip since I have been to Nami Island 3 years ago. I was rather disappointed when I knew that the school had selected the place for our field trip. My classmate, who went there last Summer said that Nami Island is very beautiful during Summer but the ironic part was she absent herself from this field trip.

Anyway, since I was in it, I thought I might as well enjoy it. My trip turned out quite alright. The bus ride from our campus to Chuncheon took nearly 2 hours. We arrived at the ferry point to Nami Island around 11pm. Since we were at Chuncheon, our lunch was the famous Chuncheon's Dakgalbi. We took our lunch in one of the eating houses near to the ferry point. The Chuncheon's Dakgalbi which we were served was not one of the better ones which I have eaten.

The famous Chuncheon's Dakgalbi waiting for us.

We talked and took pictures while waiting for the dish to be cooked.

There was just too much to eat. We all have leftovers.

After a hearty meal, we queued up at the ferry point and waited for our ferry. By the time we reached Nami Island, it was about 1pm. Our departure time from the island was 4:30pm. Taking away another hour for workshop, we have effectively 2.5 hours to walk around the island and that is quite sufficient since the island isn't very big.

Our bus-drivers who double-up as cameramen, stand at the entrance to ferry point.

The queue at the ferry point.

My classmates inside the ferry. 3 out of 4 are Korean Government Scholars.

After arriving at Nami Island, we were given a short brief before breaking out. For my class, the first 2 hours was free and easy and after that we had our handicraft workshop from 3-4pm.

A gallery of posters that pays tribute to the late King of Pop.

Tiger has 'cute' look in traditional Korean painting. In Korean folklore, tiger is frequently portrayed as a 'babo' (stupid) animal.

Colourful feathered mascot of Nami Island for sale.

Inside Unicef Hall. Two cuddly polar bears.

Hand-made dolls on display in Unicef Hall.

Remember to show your support for Unicef.

A fire stove outside the pottery workshop. Don't know what's cooking inside

Inside the pottery workshop. The pottery master in the midst of working.

Hello Kitty-like banners hanging inside the workshop.

More feline-related display items.

Afternoon sun illuminating the workshop.

Compared to 3 years ago, the island is a lot more developed with much more thing to see and do for tourists. It seems like the charm of "Winter Sonata" continues to 'live' in the island though 7 years have passed since the drama was introduced to the world.

A photo spot outside a restaurant.

Gift shop is filled with drama-related items.

A photo gallery on "Winter Sonata".

Outdoor photo spot

A filming site of the drama.

A popular photo spot on the island.

A tiny red heart that was pinned onto a tree trunk.

The four-wheel vehicle, called the Namycar, is for rent.

Cycling around the island by the river side is one way of enjoying.

For our handicraft workshop, we were taught to made a 'wood' necklace (나무 목걸이). The way to make the necklace is quite simple. We were each given a piece of wood. We designed the wood surface by gluing coloured stones and plastic beads onto it.

Sunrise Village, the place where we have our handicraft workshop.

At the workshop place.

There are 5 types of handicraft which can be made at the workshop.

We are in the shade though some parts of our workplace are exposed to sunlight.

The materials for our handicraft - stones, beads and glue.

My Polish classmate at work. Another Korean Government Scholar. She will be pursuing her Masters in Korean Language Education starting this Sep.

A completed sample which we used as reference.

When we completed our workshop, it was almost 4pm. As I walked towards the ferry point, I managed to take some more pictures of the island's lush greenery.

I like this open field on the island.

Looking at the open field from another angle.

I like this view the most.

Autumn seems to have quietly commenced.

The island's shore as seen from our departing ferry.

My Myanmese classmate (first from right) is also a prospective Masters in Korean Language Education. Another Korean Government Scholar, she dreams of opening her own Korean language school in Myanmar. By the way, there are many more scholars in my class. I have been wondering why they have to be 'forced' to take language class at all. They are already so proficient in the language.

Last but not least, my classmate shall demonstrate how to pose for a good photo in the Metasequioa Lane.


  1. The first picture is absolutely beautiful. Did you take all of these?

  2. thanks. yes, i took those pictures.

  3. Nice... I have a feeling you're into photography. Those pictures are amazing, and the quality is certainly pristine.
    Your posts, stories, and pictures make me want to travel there more and more.

    Keep it up! :)

  4. Not really, I take photos more for record purpose.
    Though i don't work for KTO, I do hope you can visit Korea.