Sunday, July 19, 2009

잘 가요

One of my good friends is leaving Seoul for home today after spending 1.5 years studying Korean here. She made the decision to come here against her mother's wish because she thought that she would be able to meet a lot of handsome guys. On the contrary, she met none and has since concluded that all handsome guys here have either become actors or singers. Just to prove that she is not alone, she said that her friends and Korean teacher all share her sentiments.

Despite missing out on her original objective, she is going back with a Diploma in Korean language and a certificate in make-up issued by some prominent Korean academy. Her mother who initially objected her decision, has since changed her mind. She thought that it was a good investment after all because her daughter has since grown up and stopped being a spoilt-brat.

We got close after watching concerts together during our school's 60th anniversary celebrations. We braved the rain for hours waiting for Shinee but they never turned out. We also risked possible stampede while queuing up for the tickets to watch Rain and Lee Hyori. It was some crazy thing which I could not have imagined myself doing but I am still thankful to her for 'dragging' me into it. It was a very different kind of experience for me.

I treated her to 왕 돼지 갈비 (Pork Rib) in one of the BBQ houses in Jongno on Friday. We spoke a lot but perhaps for the last time. We may or may not meet again in future but I am not in the least concern about it. The fact is we have met before. 친구야 잘가.

왕 돼지 갈비 with some kimchi, garlic, ddeok and mushroom being left to grill on a metal tray while we talked about everything under the sun.

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