Sunday, July 05, 2009


The lecturer who is supposed to take us for reading lesson went 'missing' for two weeks. Last Friday, he finally came out of his 'hiding' and started to give lesson. He described himself as a person who like "straight talk" (직설적이다) and dislike beating around the bush (돌려서 말하기). But, he also admitted that people who do well in organisation are usually those who excel in beating around the bush.

One student was curious about his blood type though I had already figured out. Anyway, before he revealed his blood type, he diverted to talk about the different blood types (혈액형, 血液型).

A blood type is "소세지" (Sausage)
B blood type is "오이지" (Pickled Cucumber)
O blood type is "단무지" (Pickled Radish)
AB blood type is "지지지" (Gee Gee Gee ???)

His explanation:

"소세" in A blood type means 소심 (fainthearted) and 세심 (meticulous)
"오이" in B blood type means 오만 (arrogance) and 이기적 (individualistic)
"단무" in O blood type means 단순 (simplistic) and 무식 (ignorance)
As for the "지", it means 지랄 (madness). Every blood type has a certain portion of madness but AB blood type has 3 times the "지랄" since they are quite capable of alternating between a genius and a fool.

Just to substantiate what was being said about the blood types, he told us a story. KHU's Korean language elementary and intermediate workbooks were initially developed by two separate groups of teachers. The intermediate workbooks were the first to be completed. Elementary workbooks took a much longer time to complete even though both groups started around the same time. When the cause of delay was studied, it was discovered that the elementary group comprised teachers who are mostly A blood type. Since A blood type are meticulous people, the workbooks were corrected over and over again and hence causing the delay. As for the intermediate group, it was formed by mostly O blood type teachers. Since O blood type are simplistic, they would try to keep things simple and hence the intermediate workbooks were completed at a much shorter time.

Before our lecturer revealed his blood type, he wanted us to know that he is one of the authors of the KHU's Korean language elementary textbook. With this sort of "arrogance", his blood type can be none other than B.

With regard to his two weeks of "missing", we have concluded that he must have been 'locked up' somewhere setting questions for the coming TOPIK. Anyway, nobody is supposed to know who are the teachers engaged to set TOPIK questions. It is a highly-secretive operation and because of that, I am not able to reveal the name of our lecturer ^^


  1. Of all the blood type post I've seen so far, this is the most hilarious. Thanks for sharing. ^^ 퍼가요~

  2. Just take anything from my blog. There's no need to give me any credits and I mean it. I believe in sharing ^^