Sunday, July 05, 2009

해운대의 밤

12:08AM - Its past midnight but Haeundae is not yet 'asleep'. People are walking up and down the beach like its just nine o'clock.

12:12AM - Looking to the left of the beach. The buildings up the mountain slope have faded into the darkness leaving the lights from the buildings near the shore burning brightly.

12:13AM - Looking to the right of the beach. Vacationers seated in group, spread out across the beach. The brightly-lit Westin Chosun Hotel dominates the background.

12:33AM - A brightly-lit row of 횟집 (Sashimi's House) at the left end of the beach. Business looks good even after midnight.

12:46AM - Being blown by cool sea breezes during summer is a great enjoyment. Walking along the beach after midnight doesn't seem that crazy especially when its summertime.

1:16AM - Fireworks go off every now and then. A group of people even start a small-scale fireworks display by letting go a great deal of fireworks behind me.

1:24AM - Try writing your dreams with a sparkler in the dead of the night and perhaps they may come true. Ajummas with box of fireworks to sell are sitting by the beach if you wonder where to get a sparkler at night.

1:28AM - Fireworks leave behind a cloud of smoke which seems to give Haeundae a halo. Its getting late. Time to get some sleep. Good night.

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