Friday, July 17, 2009


Some subway company will go to the extent of fining passengers for eating or drinking in train. Instead of arguing why the ban on eating and drinking has to be enforced, why can't they ask the 'difficult' question, "Why ban it at all?"

I can't help feeling sorry for the lost opportunity. Imagine the rent that can be earned by allowing convenience stores to operate inside the stations. Drink and food vending machines set up at the platforms can also generate a fortune for the company. A portion of the earnings can then be used to employ more cleaners and machines to clean up any accidental spills. Economically, I think it makes sense to allow drinking and eating in subway.

Public image of the company and international image of the country can also improve as a result but I am not elaborating on this point as I think just talking about the ecomonic side of things suffices.

Anyway, I won't do anything that is not allowed but when it is allowed I will act responsibly. I confess that I like eating and drinking in subway station and train and this is one reason why I like life in Seoul.


Line 8 or the 'Pink' line only operates to the South of Han River. It is one of those lines that I seldom use and so I decided to 'explore' it while checking out the new Garden 5 - a new mega complex that is much bigger than COEX. It comprises of 3 separate big buildings which are named 'Life', 'Works' and 'Tool'. 'Life' building is the shopping mall which is connected to Jangji Station. It is not opened for business yet except for CGV cinema.

"살려줘! Please save me! Give me a LIFE!"

I think this structure in the centre of 'Life' building is called 'Pendulum'.

The glass exterior of 'Works' building with a huge LED board.


Mongchontoseong Station is connected to the Olympics Park. Foreigners usually think of Olympics Park as a place for concerts. To attend concert, Olympic Park Station on Line 5, is the station to use. But during winter, an open skating rink will open in Olympic Park near to Mongchontoseong Station.

One of the most unique Coffee Bean cafe.

World Peace Gate at sunset.

I was reminded of the proverb "하늘이 무너져도 솟아날 구멍이 있다".


  1. I like that metallic hand XD

  2. Equinox씨 사시는 곳이 어디예요? 경희대 근처(회기동)인가요 아니면 다른 곳에 숙소를 구하셨어요?

    우리집은 강변역 근처예요^^ 잠실에서 가깝죠.
    집에서 10분 정도 걸어 나가면 한강이 나와요. 요즘 장마철이라 강물이 많이 불어났겠네요... 한국 여름, 솔직히 별로 쾌적한 계절은 아니죠... 특히 장마철은... --;

    몇 년 전에 Aini씨하고 또다른 싱가폴 친구분이 서울에 왔을 때 많이 힘들어하더라구요... 싱가폴도 덥겠지만 어쩌면 지금 이맘때는 오히려 동남아쪽이 덜 더울지도 몰라요.



  3. @shanna, you are artistic.

    @song, 지금 휘경동에 살고 있는데요.
    올여름은 생각보다 그렇게 덥지 않아요.
    그래서 좋죠 ^^

  4. 아니
    어제 요기오셨었어요?
    우리회사에서 가까운데
    연락 주시지~

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  5. 부담스러워요.

    original time stamp: 18 July 2009 23:22