Tuesday, March 03, 2009


As forecasted, the first rain of Spring came today and it has been raining since early this morning. The day was rather chilly and my breath condenses when I exhale, just like during Winter. If the Winter that just passed started with so much precipitation, it would have been great since it would mean more snowing days. Who knows, maybe there may still be some slim chance of seeing snow later if 꽃샘추위 comes.

Today must have been a rather gloomy day for Korea. Apart from the weather, the Korean won has hit new low following bad press about its debt status. I was expecting the Korean won to hit S$1 to KRW1,000 when its devaluation started again a few weeks ago. When it finally reached the mark yesterday, my first response was to withdraw money from my Singapore account though I don't really need them now. I guess I should keep enough Korean won for the rainy days ahead. In this aspect, I am showing a streak of Singaporean in me.

Talking about being a Singaporean. I was at this Kopitiam outlet this afternoon. It branded itself to be offering the taste of Singapore. I was not missing Singapore food but just curious to find out if it does deliver what it says. So I ordered a "thick" kaya toast (KRW2,500) and a "kopitiam" coffee (KRW3,000). I have to stress that it was kopitiam coffee that I ordered. Of course, there were also "thin" kaya toast and other coffees like latte, espresso and macchiato to choose from. I have expected that the taste will not be authentic but it turned out worse and I am refering to the kaya toast. Really cannot make it lah! The kaya tasted flat and buttery and the toast was kinda soggy. The coffee also didn't give that characteristics "kopi" taste as what its name suggests but I shall let it pass since it was coffee afterall.

Kaya toast and "kopi" that hardly deliver the look and taste of Singapore.


  1. hehe since when did krns get non-krn food right? :P

    original time stamp: 4 March 2009 03:35

  2. i guess its the same everywhere.

    original time stamp: 4 March 2009 08:19

  3. interesting~ but guess we couldnt expect the standard to be the same like sg's.. =X

    original time stamp: 5 March 2009 11:09

  4. it would really be interesting if the standard is like sg. krns probably treat it just like another cafe.

    original time stamp: 5 March 2009 15:10