Friday, March 13, 2009

딸기 농장

Before I write about my trip to Gangneung, I want to write about my visit to this strawberry farm outside of Ojukheon in Gangneung. Its Spring time, so strawberry is now in abundance but nothing beats eating strawberry freshly plucked from the farm.

As I was walking out of Ojukheon, I saw this banner which said sightseeing in our strawberry farm is allowed. So after exiting from Ojukkheon, I went towards the direction of the banner.

Beside the strawberry farm, a ajumma sat inside a shed packing strawberry freshly plucked from the farm. I asked how much is one box of strawberry and she said 10,000won. I was a bit shocked because that was like 1,000won per 100grams and slightly more expensive than those selling in Seoul. Anyway, I didn't feel like bargaining so I bought 500g for 5,000won and requested to visit her farm.

A lady showed me the way around the farm and plucked some small strawberry for me to try. I ate them without washing since she said they don't use pesticide in the farm. The strawberries were slightly sweet unlike those I ate in Singapore which were generally sour. Furthermore, they gave off a faint scent of strawberry fragrance.

As for the 500g of strawberry which I bought, I finished them off at Gyeongpo Beach. They were all so sweet and juicy. Nothing was left except their photo.

The white flowers of strawberry.

Strawberry when it is still green.

Strawberry in the process of turning red.

Strawberries are always out in the open, making them easy to pluck.

My pack of strawberry which I finished at Gyeongpo Beach.


  1. omg! strawberries!!! @__@

    original time stamp: 14 March 2009 18:00

  2. i can see u like all things dalki

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