Monday, March 02, 2009

모처럼 등산했다

It has been quite a while since I went mountain hiking. Last Sunday, I just went up 남한산 (南漢山). By a stroke of luck, I didn't lost my way but ended up at the Namhansan Fortress (남한산성, 南漢山城) just in time to witness the sunset.

There are so many people up in Namhansan during the weekend.

An old couple having a quiet moment in the midst of the mountain.

A frozen stream is such a rare sight these days.

Namhansan has all the necessary park facilities. Good for a weekend family outing.

One of the many temples located deep inside Namhansan.

This is not the real McCoy. The real Namhansan Fortress is still quite a distance away.

Road leading up to the mountain top. Buses ply between the mountain and 성내역.

Mountain tunnel which I walked through to get to the Namhansan Fortress.

Finally reached Namhansan Fortress. The setting sun shone straight through the gate.

Entering the "city" but there was nothing inside except trees and mud tracks.

Looking at the gate from "inside" the "city".

Walked below the fortress wall with the sun setting behind me.

Another corner of the fortress wall.

Walked on top the fortress wall all the way to the highest point.

Standing at the highest point waiting for the sun to set behind the mountains.

The final moment just before sunset.

The red sunset glow or 붉은 노을.

Twilight at Namhansan. Time to find my way back to the Metro station.

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  1. Beautiful photos - and thanks for all the great info on travel in Korea! (Geoje-do foreigner)