Wednesday, March 25, 2009

한강의 대교

Hangang is undergoing some sort of a renaissance. There are many constructions going on now on both sides of the river. In the years to come, it will probably be transformed into a beautiful river.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced recently that the project to illuminate the bridges over Hangang was completed. Just to see them for myself, I decided to take a walk along the river stretch from Ichon Station (이촌역, 二村驛) to Oksu Station (옥수역, 玉水驛) one evening.

Dongjak Bridge (동작대교, 銅雀大橋). This bridge is among one of the bridges illuminated. But it was still early, so the lights had not come on yet.

Banpo "Fountain" Bridge (반포대교, 盤浦大橋). This bridge, like Cheonggyecheon, will soon become a must-visit for tourists coming to Seoul. The bridge is fitted with water fountains, which can swing to music, on both its sides.

Hannam Bridge (한남대교, 漢南大橋). This bridge is very beautiful because it has running rainbow lighting. It is difficult to see its rainbow lighting in the photo because it is moving and the background lighting is very bright.

Dongho Bridge (동호대교, 東湖大橋). This bridge is just beside Oksu Station. Whenever a train runs through it, blue lights will light up on its side. Once the train passes, the blue lights will disappear. See the photo below.


  1. Annyonghaseyo Equinox ssi,

    How are you? Very happy to see your blog again.
    Please continue to update further. Komawoyo

  2. oh~ the 반포대교 was shown in Boys Over Flower Ep 23! I was fascinated by the scene!
    Catch it at interval 08:53 of this Youtube clip :D

  3. oh thats y i got a shock while watching 꽃남 last night.. banpo bridge appeared in the show with the lighted fountain and i was like @@ amazed.. haha!

    original time stamp: 26 March 2009 23:11

  4. ya, spectacular view. however, it is not spraying water yet. it should start this spring but don't know when.

    original time stamp: 26 March 2009 23:24